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Versatility Badge

A unique way to compare your sports achievements across all generations. Pit your strength against your family members, colleagues, neighbours or classmates. Or play sports for fun and check how you are doing when compared with professional athletes. The versatility badge inspires all participants to exercise – be it that they participate in all the disciplines or just some of them. Join us in this challenge!

Odznak všestrannosti je součástí největšího školního sportovního projektu Olympijský víceboj. Vedle motivace k všestrannosti doporučuje dětem v Olympijském diplomu vhodné sporty a v Paralympijské výzvě motivuje handicapované děti ke sportování.

The European Week of Sport with its #BeActive motto is an initiative of the European Commission to support sport and physical activity in all of Europe, but not just for the week from September 23 to 30. Compete with the Versatility Badge during the European Week of Sport to get some interesting prizes.

Celebrities taking part

Compare your achievements with athletes and sports celebrities!

Compare yourself with pros and celebrities. Olympic champions Roman Šebrle and David Svoboda together with World figure skating champion Tomáš Verner put themselves to test in our disciplines and you get a unique chance to measure yourself against them. Can you beat them in one of our disciplines?

All participating athletes

Age doesn't matter – get your family and friends involved

Do sports together and motivate one another!

The age gap just doesn't matter! Our system compares achievements while taking age into consideration. That's why you can do sports with your peers, children or even grandparents. In the badge challenge you can compare your progress and achievements. Create a group, invite family members or friends and motivate one another.

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