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The versatility badge provides an inspiration for better versatility and physical fitness. It is intended not only for active athletes but for everyone who wants to start doing sports on a regular basis. Some participants will compare their achievements with those of active or former professional athletes. Others will be more interested in being in a good shape and getting some training directions. Another group of participants will choose few of the disciplines keeping track of their progress in these disciplines.

It is very easy to join the challenge and there is no participation or registration fee. The badge offers twelve disciplines and it is just up to you how many of them you want to participate in. Every discipline is different and focuses on a different part of your body. Some of the disciplines can be practised at home or on your garden and you can make use of public sports venues, gyms and swimming pools to participate in the rest of them. Learn more about the disciplines HERE.

A worse achievement can be better

The project offers a unique option to compare your achievements, based not only on your time or number of reps, but it also takes into consideration age of the participants. Thanks to this feature you can challenge your parents, grandparents, daughter, sister, colleagues or classmates. Age plays no role. The system is equipped with point tables and it evaluates your achievements based on your age.

Compare your achievements with your friends and sports celebrities

You can create a group where you will easily see the results of all your mates at one place. Or you can exercise for your own enjoyment and compare your achievements with those of professional athletes, former athletes, handicapped Czech national team members and other sports celebrities.

The Versatility Badge forms a part of the largest school project Sazka Olympijský víceboj that focuses on making Czech schoolchildren exercise and recommending them sports they are talented for.

Join the Versatility Badge Challenge! Register HERE.