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Petr Pilát

Petr Pilát

Number of completed disciplines: 5/10

Date of birth: 12.3.1991

Central Bohemian Region

Gender: Male

Age: 33

"As a freestyle motocross rider, he rides alongside the world’s biggest stars. He had his first experience riding a motorbike when he was three years old and made his first jump at the age of twelve. In 2005, he became the world’s youngest motorbike rider to do a backflip. He was fourteen at the time. He has had many serious injuries during his career but has never quit riding nevertheless."

Diamond level
Golden level
Silver level
Bronze level
Participant level
Datum 60-meter dash Long jump Medicine ball Pull-ups Skipping rope Two-footed triple jump Push-ups Sit-ups Throwing ball 1.000-meter-run Dribbling Swimming
1. july
8,56 s
5 m
7,85 m
40 m