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Roman Šebrle

Popis odznaky

Roman Šebrle

Number of completed disciplines: 10/10

Date of birth: 26.11.1974

Pardubice Region

Gender: Male

Age: 49

One of world’s best decathletes. He is a 2004 Athens Olympics champion, a world champion, a European champion and a multiple national champion. He was the first to score over 9000 points and it took eleven years for anyone to break the record that he had set.

Diamond level
Golden level
Silver level
Bronze level
Participant level
Datum 60-meter dash Long jump Medicine ball Pull-ups Skipping rope Two-footed triple jump Push-ups Sit-ups Throwing ball 1.000-meter-run Dribbling Swimming
13. july
7,74 s
6,38 m
23 m
8,4 m
79 m
340 m