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Šárka "Šárec" Kašpárková

Šárka "Šárec" Kašpárková

Number of completed disciplines: 6/10

Date of birth: 20.5.1971

South Moravian Region

Gender: Female

Age: 53

As triple jumper she took bronze at the Atlanta Olympics 1996 and gold at the world championship a year later. As an epitome of versatility she competed in the high jump and played basketball as well. Today she is one of the ambassadors of the Sazka Olympic allround sports school project Sazka Olympijský vícebojand supports children in taking on a more active lifestyle.

Diamond level
Golden level
Silver level
Bronze level
Participant level
Datum 60-meter dash Long jump Medicine ball Pull-ups Skipping rope Two-footed triple jump Push-ups Sit-ups Throwing ball 1.000-meter-run Dribbling Swimming
13. july
14,2 m
6,8 m
360 m