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Tomáš Svoboda

Tomáš Svoboda

Number of completed disciplines: 7/10

Date of birth: 19.3.1985


Gender: Male

Age: 39

Tomáš is the twin brother of David Svoboda, the gold Olympic medallist in modern pentathlon. The two are so similar that it is nearly impossible to know who is who. Tomáš pursues a career in multisport races. He is a world champion in biathle (combination of swimming and running), a triathlete and has successfully completed the Ironman race that takes place in Hawaii. He has also participated in the European Games in Baku and the Beach Games in Qatar.

Diamond level
Golden level
Silver level
Bronze level
Participant level
Datum 60-meter dash Long jump Medicine ball Pull-ups Skipping rope Two-footed triple jump Push-ups Sit-ups Throwing ball 1.000-meter-run Dribbling Swimming
1. july
8,77 s
4,79 m
64 m
332 m