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Martin Bohman

Popis odznaky

Martin Bohman

Number of completed disciplines: 10/10

Date of birth: 5.4.1980


Gender: Male

Age: 44

A former Czech bobsleigher and a member of a four-man crew that competed at the 2010 and 2014 Olympic Games. In the past, he was a member of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Security and Law of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague. He now works as a police officer.

Diamond level
Golden level
Silver level
Bronze level
Participant level
Datum 60-meter dash Long jump Medicine ball Pull-ups Skipping rope Two-footed triple jump Push-ups Sit-ups Throwing ball 1.000-meter-run Dribbling Swimming
1. july
7,59 s
5,06 m
23,5 m
8,37 m
53,5 m
270 m